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Dear Friend,

This web site serves many purposes....  As the description above states, I am first an educator.  Also, I am a playwright, poet and when time permits -- an advertising copywriter. As such, it serves in part as a legacy site of my prior business. 

This web site serves multiple purposes.  I built it when I was primarily a direct marketer.  Now I use it mainly to post information of interest to friends, educators, artists, relatives and an occasional client.  I did have a very successful career in advertising.  If you see a project described here that interests you, let me know.  I do have time during vacations and the like to take on occasional clients.

Friends and fellow educators, please enjoy looking around.  I look forward to hearing from you!


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Edison-Fareira High School
For the past four years, it has bee my privilege to teach the talented students of this high school  To see a few examples of their work and other resources, click HERE. 

Family & Friends
No, not a long-distance plan. Just a family and friends page.

Resources for English teachers may be found HERE.

Here is a link to my idiosyncratic selection of world history events are resources. It is a collectionn of whatever I thought was important at a given moment, or whatever I thought was interesting. I hope you find it useful or amusing. Just click on History

Even direct marketers need a laugh!

Here are some of my views, eventually on a variety of sibjects. Try HERE.

Here are materials pertainiing to my lifelong interest in Philiosophy. They also rflect the activities of the Melrose Park Philosophy Club. Find it all HERE.

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Students at Prof. Fried-Cassorla's Introduction to Advertising course may enter course-related site here.

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