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DM Tips #18 - The power of YOU!___

early October, 2002

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--The Power of YOU! -- copywriting

- New exhibit booth created for SOS by Fried-Cassorla

- PDMA Sports Marketing session on October 16th

--Photos - views of splendid Cape May, NJ

--Poem - Carpe That Diem

--Humor - winners of the I Look Like My Dog contest



Dear Friend,

____We all have various versions of ourselves... the marketing self, sports self, parental self, and on. I hope this issue nourishes many of the various editions of your YOU. Have a beautiful early Fall!

The Power of YOU!

by Albert Fried-Cassorla

YOU is your ace in the corner. It's the second most powerful word in direct response.

What's Number One? I'll tell you later. Now on to our word...


YOU connects psychologically to our inner selves -- to our self-interests if you will. It makes powerful but subtle contact with the reader when used skillfully. This word transforms dull, lifeless sentences into more potent messages.

But enough of glittering generalities. Let's prove it with specifics:

Consider this headline for a Wendy's Chicken BLT Salad that ran in Elle Magazine:

Prepare to start a new habit.

There's a problem already.

That's a lame headline, I'm afraid. No one wants to start a habit. Neither burger eaters nor nail-biters want to do anything habitually.

Now let's YOU-ify the headline:

Your new taste treat!

or maybe...

A lunch you'll love!

Either of those substitute lines has more juice than the current headline. In this case, we've done more than "YOU-ify" the headline. We've implied benefits to the customer. Of course, in the original headline, "habit" is a dorky word that adds zero excitement.

Branding also works well with YOU. Just to show that I'm not always dyspeptic, let's look at an excellent use of YOU in the same issue of Elle:

An ad for Bacardi's O liquor says:

Are you O? Bacardi O. Orange with attitude.

This one uses YOU not to deliver immediate benefits but to connect the customer with the brand in a positive way.

An ad for Lancome photogenic Ultra comfort shows a pretty woman's face, leaning over. The headline:

Dry was defied. Radiance restored.

Now this is a good line. But I think even this fine couplet can be improved by saying, simply:

Dry defied -- your radiance restored!

The word YOUR immediately brings the reader closer to the story.

A good use of YOUR appears in an ad for Ford's focus MACH (R) audio System:

Remix your life with noboundaries.

The ad shows the car with the great sound system parked in front of what seems to be a hot night club, with people lined up to get inside.

As I mentioned, YOU works well here. But graphically, this is a typical, boring car ad. The missing ingredients are convincing copy and illustrations proving that this is a system like no other.

Why should you or I believe their claim? The copy gives features but no benefits.

Yes, we're a cynical lot, you and I, when it comes to believing advertising. To tell the truth, some of my best friends and selves are advertisers: )

To convince skeptical readers like ourselves, we need all the extras we can muster -- including friends like YOU!

Oh… I promised to give you one more word. And this one is yours, gratis. The most powerful word in direct marketing remains FREE.

* * *

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New International SOS Exhibit Booth created by Fried-Cassorla draws attention

Melrose Park, PA - A new exhibit booth created for International SOS by Fried-Cassorla Communications has helped draw traffic and sales prospects.

It's worth a closer look -- click HERE!

The new 20-foot long booth is modular in construction, enabling its use in 10' x 10' or 10' x 20' configurations.

It includes text-based sales panels, removable industry-specific panels, large collage murals, a logo-branded podium and carpet, and many other useful features. The structure had its premiere at the recent security convention known as ASIS, held in Philadelphia in early September. It drew positive attention from the crowd there, and helped salespeople work more effectively. Closer views may be seen at http://www.fried-cas.com/success/Int_SOS.

In creating the booth, the agency wove an intriguing mixture of imagery and words that helped tell SOS's story. The structure reflected SOS's diverse services. Among the scenes and messages to be conveyed were: urgent medical situations, urban riots, security concerns, and much more. SOS offers travel assistance, and a large array of related services for those abroad. Learn more at www.internationalsos.com.

Fried-Cassorla Communications, Inc. is a full service advertising agency specializing in direct marketing, electronic marketing, e-mail, and web design. Since 1988, the company has generated over $220 million in sales for such prestigious clients as Merck & Co., UNISYS, GMAC, CIGNA, and firms of every size.

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Poem: Carpe That Diem

As the poet Horace said, "Seize the day."

Here is my take on that sentiment.


Cape May, New Jersey - About 45 minutes south of Atlantic City lies this oasis of Victorian architecture, fine food, B&B's, and bird sanctuaries. A great place for a getaway that I've enjoyed.... and maybe you will, too!

Lovely new shots from a September, 2002 visit!

Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association presents an All-Star evening on Sports Marketing on Wednesday, Oct. 16th

The PDMA gets deep into current sports marketing strategies on October 16th at the dinner meeting. Find out what DM strategies and techniques are used by senior marketing executives from: Phillies, NFL Eagles, NBA Sixers, NHL Flyers, WUSA Charge, SEI Classic, PGA tour event.

It takes place at the Hilton Philadelphia Airport Hotel. For more information, Council events and registration, go to www.The-PDMA.org. Choose any entrance and go to Meeting Information. Don't miss this one-of-a-kind session!



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Humor - I Look Like My Dog

These look-alike matches are cute!

They were winners of Cesar's I Look Like My Dog contest.

Catch the human-canine singular similarities HERE.


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