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DM Tips #22 - Musings on Marketing_ Apri April 2003

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--Musings on Marketing by Albert Fried-Cassorla

- News - Fried-Cassorla in DM News and B2B book

- Dont miss PDMA Day - May 15, 2003!

- 3 Essential CRM Tips by Rob Keown

--Photos - Goregeous St. Thomas & St. John!

--Poem - Roethke of the Raleigh

--Humor - Dietary Advice



Dear Friend,

____Spring is beautiful marketing weather! Why, you ask? Because the incredible sunshine makes every part of being alive more pleasureable -- including our daily marketing work. So get out and enjoy. Your salesmanship will be more compelling, your copy stronger and your life more rewarding. I promise!

The 5 Most Important Direct Marketing Ideas

By Albert Fried-Cassorla

Why 5 ideas and not 2 or 47? Because 5 is an interesting number, that's why! Which brings me to my first point…

1. Be interesting. In advertising, there is nothing so unforgivable as being boring. Ouch! Think about it -- you can get away with other inadequacies and make the best of the situation. Maybe your offer isn't as strong as it could be. Your product is an also-ran. But if you find a way to sing and dance before they pull the hook, you've got a chance!

Not that you should shout "SALE! SALE!" when you're selling funeral plots. We're talking reasonable here.

2. Think like the customer. A copywriter must be like a playwright. He has to project himself into the character. In this case, the character is the customer. How does she think? What are her hot buttons? Never mind what you think about that camisole top, Herbert. What counts is how she feels about it and whether she feels it goes great with that skirt. And there's nothing like talking to the target market to deepen your understanding.

3. Dream up a great offer. Every offer can be improved. Brainstorm about how the deal can be sweetened. Selling guava jelly? Throw in a spoon and a mini-booklet about cooking with the product. Selling a more complex product, like investment services? Offer a premium such as a high value-perceived prominent investment book, CD-ROM or a video. And do the unthinkable - test your assumptions vs. the actual marketplace with multiple variables.

4. Be convincing. I know that emotion is supreme in selling. But sometimes, I wish advertisers would speak to my intelligence. I know I try to respect the customers' natural skepticism when I'm copywriting. I give them honest facts and figures. Speak to customers' reservations; don't ride roughshod over them. Yes, sometimes we just have to prove it to the folks.

5. Create genuine (not feigned) excitement. Everyone can spot a hyper-ventilating copywriter. I try not to be one, though I may breathe hard from time to time! "Exciting" goes way beyond the need to "be interesting" that I mentioned in the first point. It's the juice that sells.

I remember how the copywriter-cataloger Drew A. Kaplan used to get me so stoked with his DAK catalogs. You could tell he lived, breathed and enjoyed all the computer gadgetry he was hawking. Drew spoke of machines that "crushed your workload" and backed it up with facts. And so I bought an office full of the stuff. That's the power of creating true excitement! Hard to achieve, but worth mustering the energy.

Albert Fried-Cassorla is a direct response copywriter and president of Fried-Cassorla Communications, a direct marketing agency. He also serves as a board member and newsletter editor of the Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association and has won their Best of Show Benny Award. He may be reached at albert@fried-cas.com or 215-635-5189.

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B2B Book features Fried-Cassorla Scott Paper Scott Paper direct marketing campaign

Melrose Park, PA, March 4, 2003 - A section of a chapter in a recent B2B direct marketing book has emphasized a Fried-Cassorla Communications campaign on behalf of a Scott Paper Company product. The chapter section appears in Business Marketing, Connecting Strategy, Relationships and Learning, 2nd Edition by F. Robert Dwyer and John F. Tanner, published by McGraw Hill Irwin.


Scott Paper has become a part of Kimberly-Clark. The article highlights the 28% response achieve by this remarkable campaign. For more details, visit http://www.fried-cas.com/Success and click on the Scott Paper story.


DM News online edition publishes Fried-Cassorla article
on benefits of e-newletters

Melrose Park, PA, March 4, 2003 - DM News.com has published an article by Albert Fried-Cassorla entitled, "Email newsletters -- your relationship and sales building tool." The piece was published in DM News- iMarketing News Daily, and was also featured on the site, DMNews.com. Both vehicles reach thousands of direct marketers in the U.S. and abroad.

* * *

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Roethke of the Raleigh - While spending a raucous weekend at the Raleigh Hotel in the Catskills, I broke away for a solitary walk in the woods. This is a memory of those moments.

Theodore Roethke is a poet with a special affinity for nature, and whose work I admire.

3 Essential CRM Tips

by Rob Keown

Challenge: Avoid misunderstanding over what a CRM system will accomplish.

Solution: In short, think it out well in advance.

The strategies of Customer Relationship Management can be presented in many ways, some of them overly complex.

Let's strip this approach to its essentials:

1. Give your customers what they need in a relevant way. Give them knowledge they can use. This can mean products, offers, information, and an attitude of sheer helpfulness. Do this and you will keep customers, which is one of the main goals of CRM.

2. Master the sophisticated technologies. Know who provides what software and services, and how it all can work together. Powerful new systems are coming on-stream all the time. Understand their capabilities and how to make apples-to-apples comparisons.

3. Know your long-range needs and understand your own business rules. Do an exhaustive inventory of both your current business rules and enterprise management system, PLUS your anticipated future. Do this before choosing, vendor or system. If you have certain essential approval processes, customer decision-trees, and other important steps in the customer lifetime cycle,know what they are.

Put it in writing. Get vendors to say, "Yes, our system can handle that." Demand proof.

Too often, a client's needs are not fully explained. Then the CRM system vendor wants very expensive and time-consuming improvements. Since we are vendors ourselves at MAC Direct, we work with clients to anticipate needs that will arise. This keeps them smiling.

For example, for one Alzheimers Disease medication project, we needed to integrate a prospect and customer database. Many media sources had to be tied together. Also, we had to adhere to FDA guidelines. Among our challenges was establishing necessary points of contact, matching it up to stages in the patient's evolution.

We needed to know how long he or she had been in treatment, how long they were on the medicine and a great deal more. Each of these data points had to be validated. By working with the client to understanding the entire system, we were able to develop a smooth-running program.

You can do the same by thoroughly planning your CRM program in advance.


Rob Keown is Information Technologies Manager at MAC Direct. He may be reached at rkeown@macdirect.com.



Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association May 15 Meeting:

PDMA Day: Philadelphia's most popular marketing trade show .

This year the day will have 50 booths including attendees from all three of Philadelphia's largest marketing and advertising organizations: the PDMA, the Philadelphia Ad Club and the American Marketing Association. Lunch will feature the Benny Awards and the presentation to the Direct Marketer of the Year, followed by the afternoon featured speaker Lois Geller, President of Mason & Geller Advertising of NYC.

It's being held on Thursday, May 15. Don't miss this exciting event at the Adam's Mark. For full information and registration for this event click HERE.



To see photos and read story, click HERE.

U.S Virgin Islands

A Visit to St. Thomas & St. John

by Albert Fried-Cassorla

The Virgin Islands have been called "the American Paradise." After our recent visit, I'd have to say: Seems so!

We had a lovely 10-day journey to St. Thomas, with an excursion to St. John via ferry. The sights were splendid. Planned right, it can be as vigorous or relaxing as you'd like. Here's my story...


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Humor - Dietary Advice

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