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Glamour ads, Gorgeous Glacier Pix and more!

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--Glamour Ads, Power Birds and Vacuum Cuts - ______thoughts on copywriting by Albert Fried-Cassorla

International SOS uses new Fried-Cassorla developed _____ID card throughout the world

- Photos - Glacier National Park - a magnificent trip!

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_Movie and Play Comments: Garden State, We Don't Live Here Anymore, Manchurian Candidate, more

-Humor - High School Essay Analogies


Glacier National Park was fantastically beautiful! This shot is just one of several photos you can enjoy at higher resolution (see below).



Dear Friend,

Are you off to a great early Fall? When there's a nip in the air, people's thoughts turn to business. Wise minds turn to smart marketing -- the best remedy for ups and downs of the business cycle. Need an assist? You know who to call! (Not "whom," because this is advertising grammar!)

I hope you also enjoy my photos of Glacier National Park - what a beauty spot!


Glamour Ads, Power Birds and Vacuum Cuts

By Albert Fried-Cassorla

Here are some ideas and examples for selling more through direct response and traditional advertising. We'll cover much ground, going from the sublime to the... well, you'll see!


1. Copy can sell, even in glamour ads.

You know those stylish jewelry and designer clothing ads. Yes, they follow a formula which generally does the job:

  • Look very pretty or striking.
  • Show a bauble or a fashion item's image while giving it 50-90% of the ad space available.
  • Give only store addresses, phone and web response information. And nothing else.

About this type of glamour ad, my old friend Les Izmore is usually right. Les sez:

"Less copy means more impact."

Les also firmly believes that Image carries the day. Using much more copy would get in the way of the dramatic image.

True enough. But couldn't a few additional well-chosen words help drive sales?

Les's cousin Mor' Izmore (short for Morey) says: "Sometimes a bit of choice copy can help."

Even in these glitzy ads, it helps to mention, as one ad did, such things as "Numbered clasp for each pendant." The security-conscious customer may be glad to know that her $10,000 bauble could potentially be tracked and recovered after a robbery.
Would only a minority buyers care? Surely, Shirley! But at 1,000,000 plus New York Times impressions, that minority could add up.

On the poetic side, this brief copy line took up little space clearly added luster to a Cartier ad for a pendant:

A Wishnot pendant with ruby pearls…
A wish with every knot, a dream begins…

This transforms what might be viewed as a dingbat on a rope into a magical talisman of hope. Not bad for two lines.

And now a word from Nature....

 The bird is the word in Kiawah. 

Kiawah resident since 47,892 B.C.


2. Break out of the pack.

One way to accomplish this is to look for your hidden USP. Sometimes, your best asset is not the obvious one. For example, a resort on Kiawah Island in South Carolina recognized that NATURE writ large is their most unique feature.

Forget the typical routine: showing happy tourists on the beach and blessed-out golfers plying the links. Kiawah simply shows a beautiful bird, an American Oystercatcher. The sub-head powerfully states:  

Kiawah resident since 47,892 B.C.

What could be simpler or more dramatic? But is it response advertising? All I can say is that I visited their web site and found the place intriguing and have definitely added it to my list of possible vacation destinations.

A designer cut it isn't - but it sells!


3. There's a market for everything. Flowbee proves it!

Just because a product seems laughable to you doesn't mean it won't sell!

The corollary of this is: Never base your assessment of a product's benefits solely on how it seems to you.

The Flowbee is a great case in point. It meets a need, and a talented copywriter will find the strengths of even such a product: 1. less expensive than regular haircuts 2. fast and easy 3. beats trimming around a overturned bowl. When I told my Temple U. advertising students about this product, they thought I was kidding. (Who, me?)

I mean, who would believe people would buy a motorized vacuum attachment that cuts hair. What next? A gizmo that attaches to your car engine that sweeps up road-kill and produces edibles? (Excuse me -- I tend to get carried away).

As I mentioned, my students did not believe me. But the Flowbee is a popular product sold via infomercial. Its owners are laughing all the way to the bank. It may not be your idea of a "designer cut" but hey, it meets a market's needs. By the way, if you'd like a very interesting testimonial, visit Go to Testimonials and read what "Ed" of Wentchee, WA had to say.

Take a moment to check it out. That Ed don't lie!

Albert Fried-Cassorla is a direct response copywriter and president of Fried-Cassorla Communications, a direct marketing agency. He also serves as as President of the Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association. He may be reached at or 215-635-5189.

* * *

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Glacier National Park - What a wonderful journey we had! This may end up on one of your must-do trip lists. Here is a record of a visit to this national park in Montana in July 2004.

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Movie and Play Comments

I've been busy late this past summer and into early Fall, seeing many relationship films - romantic, funny, and dramatically serious. both the wonderful and the weird! To see my takes on mainly Garden State, We Don't Live Here Anymore, Manchurian Candidate, and more just click HERE.




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Humor................. High School Essay Analogies

Yes, I think these are funny! The current generation is gonna be arright! If they can wrote these ditzy analogies, there must be talent lurking, after all. Below is your FREE FCC Sample Pack of original analogies by high school students. These are just 3 out of 28 of the gems you will find by clicking HERE.

6. Her vocabulary was as bad as, like, whatever.

9. The little boat gently drifted across the pond exactly the way a bowling ball wouldn't.

15. They lived in a typical suburban neighborhood with picket fences
that resembled Nancy Kerrigan's teeth.

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