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Hard to Find The Ideal Lists

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--How to Find the Ideal Lists by Albert Fried-Cassorla

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- Photos - Niagara Falls - a magnificent trip!

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_Movie and Play Comments: Sideways, The Incredibles, Kinsey more

_Philosophy Club: Now accepting new members. Next Reading: Selections from Great Dialogues of Plato

-Humor - Hoover the Talking Seal, Christmas game, Yiddish primer


Slowly I turned, step by step.... closer to the prow of the Maid of the Mist.

(See Niagara photos below)



Dear Friend,

Life is too short to miss out on its great pleasures. These can range from the cool feeling of a breeze to the warmth of sunlight to the delightful company of good friends, and yes, even to appreciation of an exciting marketing campaign. I hope you are enjoying all that you can....especially in this Holiday Season!



How to Find The Ideal Lists


Secrets of the Road to List Riches

by Albert Fried-Cassorla

This article will show you:

1. how to get the rented lists you want and need
2. how to get help obtaining those lists


First, a disclaimer.... tyour best list is almost always your house list. That is, in general you will do far better with a list of your list of current customers and prospects identified from prior campaigns than you will from rented lists. But house lists have their limitations in terms of number of records available and in other ways... so on with our story!

Yes, you can find any kind of rentable list -- even one of glockenspiel buyers. You say you don't want to find glockenspiel buyers?

Then I won't bore you with my "glockenspiel spiel."

Could I perhaps I could interest you in a hot list of flugelhorn fans?
All right, I get it -- odd instruments are not your bag.

My point is that in direct mail list biz almost any kind of special interest list can be found and bought. That includes both consumer or B2B categories.

Being highly observant, you noticed that I said "direct mail" and not e-marketing. That's not due to throwback terminology; it's just reality. E-mail lists are wonderfully useful but have nowhere near the richness of their postal mail counterparts.

Before touching on some essentials of List Queries, let me fulfill a promise... In my sub-head I spoke of "secrets."

The most valuable secrets in list buying are the names of talented list brokers whom you can depend on! Here at FCC, we have long used a few key, trusted list brokers. This means testing their responsiveness - both their knowledge and their commitment to long-range results (as opposed to a quick sales of a list that does not work).

If you want to "do it yourself," check the vendor section of, which is Or or any other prominent direct marketing resource site. Or, call us and we will help you get the list you desire.

All of the best list brokers (including us) will help you figure out what you left out (inevitably) of your carefully constructed List Query. In addition, they will be inventive in helping you meet you needs.

So here are some tips on designing your List query. This document will tell your list vendor the basics of what he or she needs to know to deliver the data you seek.

Make sure your List query includes:

  • Your own full contact information (yes, this is a "duh" that some of us will miss)
  • A description of the target market sought, in as clear terms as you can develop. (Often, the list expert will help you define the market more clearly.)
  • Quantities desired - How many names would you like in each category?
  • Geographical requirements -- key states, zip codes or nations
  • Other key data you need, such as: home address, home phone, e-mail,
  • Response lists -- do you want known buyers of a product or service? These are often the most productive for direct selling.
  • Recency of NCOA - When was the list last updated via the National Change of Address system?
  • Special Consumer Lists considerations

    Household lists come in all varieties, with the clearest breakdown being between compiled (lists derived from public sources) or response. Response lists are derived from buying actions taken by the customer listed.

  • Household income
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Zip codes
  • Lifestyle clusters (ask about this)
  • Known buyers of (fill in the blank) antique Parchesi games, country quilts, circus calliopes -- whatever you need, it's out there!
  • Business-to-Business Needs

    B2B is equally diverse. Some of the obvious data fields you may specify are: title, sales volume, number of employees, SIC code (industry classification) and more.

    You know all of this? Fair enough. But do you know about pre-canvassing?

    This is a tactic of telephone calling a list before mailing. The purpose is to confirm that the person reached is a decision-makers for whatever you're selling via mail. Thus, a rented list may whittle down from 5,000 names to say 2,500. No harm done! You have avoided mailing to the other non-relevant 2,500. This alone will win you the Employee of the Month Award!

    Of course, much more can be written about list queries. But those are just a few essentials.

    Don't forget to tell your broker or list manager when you want them to reply and how: e-mailed, fax. Tell them your preferred format: word document, spreadsheet, pdf, etc.

    And now... can I interest you in a fabulous list of Piccolo Purchasers?

    Odds and Ends…. Dis-Improvements and Improvements

    These are oddments of modern life I am enjoying identifying. "Dis-improvement" is a word I've coined and which is distressingly applicable to many situations. As in "Dis here is a dis-improvement, buddy!" Some apply to DM, some don't. DO you have a few to add (with credit given) to an upcoming issue? Then send them along! I don't need a matching set in each case.

    Dis-Improvement #1 - The disappearance of classical music from Philadelphia radio in the evenings. Improvement - The addition of classical music via streaming web sites such as

    Dis-Improvement #2 - Cell phone calls heard during a movie or concert. Improvement - The same appliance - a cell phone - telling you that a loved one is OK.


    Albert Fried-Cassorla is a direct response copywriter and president of Fried-Cassorla Communications, a direct marketing agency. He also serves as as President of the Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association. He may be reached at or 215-635-5189.

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  • An affordable package of services

  • Once you agree to participate (at no cost), you will be able to join by calling a particular number and by log-in onto a web site. I would then give you the phone number, web address and log-in info on the morning of the 7th.

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     Photos :

    Niagara Falls!

    To say that Niagara Falls is beautiful, splendid and a force of nature is to say the obvious.

    But to visit the Falls and feel the power and beauty for yourself -- well, that is an experience everyone should enjoy. So you can and should go. Meanwhile...

    Here is one of the next best things to being there: PHOTOS from our trip!


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    Movie Comments

    Ahhh, movies. The great escape into an alternate celluloid reality. For my opinions of Sideways, The Incredibles, Kinsey and more just click HERE.



    Plato, Cool Cat of

    428 - 348 B.C.

    Philosophy Club meeting Tuesday, January 4th, 11:30 am

    A pleasure I would like to share with you is the reading and discussion of philosophy. My brother-in-law Tom Petersen and I have founded this club (a two-person opertation until now). We typically read parts of a book, not usually an entire one. That makes life easier for hard-working souls.

    So far, we have read selections from Plato, Epicurus and Francis Bacon. If you would like to join us in peprson, our next gathering is over lunch at The Little Dipper in Elkins Park. I can give you directions if you are interested, and maybe even the text of our next reading, The Symposium (also called The Banquet) (50 pages) from The Great

    Dialogues of Plato. The full text is available online. Go the Project Gutenberg, at In the search area, enter Plato under Author. Scroll down to Plato. Go to Symposium, and then choose a download source. Or buy the book!

    If you are interested in participating in person, or perhaps in reflecting via email, send me a note at

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    Humor................. Hoover the Talking Seal
    Would you believe... a talking seal? No, not an animated creature from Pixar. This is a real seal that was at the New England Aquarium. It more likely imitated a fisherman than learned actual language. I first heard this tale and audio clip on The World, an NPR program. I e-mailed them and they confirmed what I heard. Then I did this research and found a relevant link. Read the fascinating story and listen to Hoover right HERE!

    I give this creature my unequivocal... (can you guess what's coming?) Click HERE.

    A Merry Christmas Cool Greeting Card! Play along right by visiting Santa and His Reindeer. Just click on THIS link.

    A Yiddish Primer - Here's something Flash-instructive for those who love this varied, nuance language. An educational recitation from the best-selling parody by Ellis Weiner and B. Get your Yid Vid Lit here.


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