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Direct Marketing Resources


You can search bookstores, the web, magazines and more - and you won't find anywhere the advice you'll get in this book. It's all here. In 200+ pages, you'll find everything you need to:

  • Sell more powerfully on the web - page 237
  • The 11 secrets of successful e-mail marketing - page 26
  • Market with e-mail that people respond to! - page 45
    Know which media work best for your situation - page 189
  • Market with e-mail that people respond to! - page 45
    Know which media work best for your situation - page 189
  • What never to say in a direct mail letter - page 9
  • The 36-point checklist that will boost your e-commerce sales - page 56
  • How to write an ad that sells - 7 proven tips - page 8
  • For pricing, and to place an order, contact:






Fried-Cassorla's DM Tips

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Fried-Cassorla's DM Tips #28 - December 2004 - Ideal Lists, Free Webinar on E-newsleters & PR, Niagara Falls Photos, Philosophy Club, Movies & Humor

Fried-Cassorla's DM Tips #27 - October 2004 - Glamor Ads, Power Birds and Vacuum Cuts - thoughts on copywriting by Albert Fried-Cassorla; International SOS uses new Fried-Cassorla-developed ID card throughout the world; Photos - Glacier National Park - a magnificent trip!; PDMA events; Movie and Play Comments: Garden State, We Don't Live Here Anymore, Manchurian Candidate, more;-Humor - High School Essay Analogies

Fried-Cassorla's DM Tips #26 - August 2004 - Albert Fried-Cassorla on Successful Welcome Back Letters, PDMA elects Albert Fried-Cassorla as President, New Naples, Italy tourism and shopping site opens, FCC wins PDMA's e-marketing Benny Award for MAC Direct campaign, Poem: As He Breathed, and more!

Fried-Cassorla's DM Tips #25 - May 2004 - Albert Fried-Cassorla on Ideas for Smoother Creative Work, FCC Helps International SOS with online sales, Alina Wheeler's book on branding, Marketing Expo, more!

Fried-Cassorla's DM Tips #24 - early August, 2003 - Scream a little! and other impolite tips for fighting the mid-letter blahs, Fred-Cassorla helps grow Melrose Park Neighbors Association, original Play: Return of the Giant Sloth, Photos - Grounds for Sculpture, more!

Fried-Cassorla's DM Tips #23 - June 2003 - The 5 Most Important DM Ideas, Robert Goldfarb on Integrating Marketing Channels, Cat Drama (poem), Spring photos and more.

Fried-Cassorla's DM Tips #22 - April, 2003 - Musings on Marketing; Fried-Cassorla published in DM News and cited in B2B book; CRM Tips by Rob Keown, Photos of St. Thomas and St. John and more.

Fried-Cassorla's DM Tips #21 - March, 2003 - Albert on Increasing Response in Outdoor advertising and Direct Mail; Fried-Cassorla helps Institute for Investor Research, Modern Fulfillment by Carlie Adams, data mining by Bruce Gregoire, a photo tour of WRTI-FM, "Walking in the Snow with You" (poem), and more!

Fried-Cassorla's DM Tips #20 - Jan., 2003 - e-newsletters - your relationship and sales-building tool, Pharmaceutical seminar gets a boost with Fried-Cassorla e-mail, Fallingwater photos, and more

Fried-Cassorla's DM Tips #19 - Nov., 2002 -- Finding Hidden Benefits, Fried-Cassorla letter for Cooper Hospital recruits patients, photos of Jim Thorpe, PA, and more

Fried-Cassorla's DM Tips #18 - early Oct, 2002 -- The Power of YOU!, Fried-Cassorla creates new Exhibit Booth for SOS, Cape May photos, more

Fried-Cassorla's DM Tips # 17 - August, 2002 - Copy Power! Four 97 pound weaklings (ads) strengthened before your eyes - and more

Fried-Cassorla's DM Tips # 16 - July, 2002 - Direct Mail excitement, Fried-Cassorla completes ASTM International web site, Spin4fun and more.

Fried-Cassorla's DM Tips #15 - April, 2002 - Branding and Direct Marketing, Pharmaceutical article in Direct Marketing Magazine, available FREE by pdf, Info-Boy! play by Albert - invitation to attend, and more.

Fried-Cassorla's DM Tips #14 - January, 2002 - Viral Marketing, Fried-Cassorla speaks on DM and Branding, Kimmel Center Photos and more

Fried-Cassorla's DM Tips # 13 - early December, 2001 - Powerful Headlines, Poem Flanagan on Lexington and more

Fried-Cassorla's DM Tips #12 - Mid-September, 2001 - Radio Power; new Pharmaceutical article in Direct Marketing magazine; Ever, a poem, and more

Fried-Cassorla's DM Tips #5 - November 3, 2000 by Albert Fried-Cassorla


The Branding Funeral - a lighthearted account of the Pillsbury Doughboy's demise!

Business to Business Database Marketing:

“Building and Using the SunGard Data Warehouse” with Ron Resnikoff 12/11/97

"Decision One's Database" with Don Draper, Rapid Data Processing, Inc. 9-26-97


Consumer Marketing:

"Niche Marketing of CD's and Collectibles" with Jim Shulman 6-17-98


Direct Mail

The Bright Future of Direct Mail (Yes, even in the on-line era!) - article by Albert Fried-Cassorla

How to Grow Your Business with Direct Mail - 30-page manual by Albert Fried-Cassorla


Internet Marketing

How to Build an Effective, Sales-Oriented Web Site

Marketing on the Internet - article



How CIGNA, WordTech and Zeneca Use Intranets for Effective Marketing by Albert Fried-Cassorla. This article is based on a presentation given to the PDMA's Database Marketing Council on July 15, 1998.


Outdoor Advertising

My own collection of billboard photos.


Pharmaceutical Database Marketing


Tools for Healthy DTC Marketing by Albert Fried-Cassorla. Cover story for Direct Marketing Magazine, October, 2001 issue.

This is a look at of what's working in Direct-to-Consumer database marketing in the pharmaceutical industry.



Imagination That Sells: The Pharmaceutical Database Marketing Manual - description of a book by Albert Fried-Cassorla



Political Database Marketing:

"Political Database Marketing" with Ron Nasielski 5-15-96


Postal Issues:

"Postal Classification Reform" with John Bratton



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