Bailey's Glamour and Memorial Page

Last updated 8-11-13

Bailey was one-half Westmoreland Terrier (Westie) and one-half American Eskimo, as near as we can tell. She was born in February, 1997. We got her from Morris Animal Refuge in downtown Philly. Poor thing woulda been gassed had we not gotten her. First days were not great -- she bit me and other family members. Often, she charmed people in the neighborhood on our daily jaunts!

Bailey passed away in June of 2013.  She was 16 1/2 years old.  She was a great dog, affectionate, a wonderful running companion, and a terrific raker, helping often with yard work (well...) and our ONLY dog.  You might like to check out her two youtube videos, one of her assisting in creating a poetic video:   The other is called Bailey Helps Albert Rake at  Enjoy the memory of images of her. We miss our Bailey!   Hot Link to Bailey's EZ-Pass Form - check it out!      Hot Link to Bailey's Family Tree page - a must for amateur canine genealogists!

Here is Bailey as she looked upon arrival on Ellis Island. It had been a long, tumultuous journey.

Bailey's Pals

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Our genius dog loves to surf the web!


 "Now that I've sold Albert and Martha's home on-line, I suppose I really should read this darned fine print."

"I love shopping for deals on-line!"

"Trouble is, those dog food sites make me so hungry!"





Yes, she will extend a paw at request.





Napping on the patio chaise. Bailey will lie out there peacefully for hours (not!)

and will never bark at a postman or FedEx man. Or cicada bug. Yeah, right!


 "I like to stretch when I sleep... so relaxing to let the legs hang..."


 "I got this red star for exceptional Barking at the Postman. Some people think it's an exciting honor, but frankly, it puts me to sleep..."

 Between Barking Attacks and phone calls to the FBI to report terrorists, I admit to an occasional snooze.

 A bad hair day is also usually a good thnkin' day!


Now prepare yourself for this next photo.... I never gave permission for this to be used, and it is quite shocking! I may have to bring suit...




 Well, how do you look when you first come out of the shower?


Graduating from Columbia University! Like Benjamin, Emma and Albert, I too graduated from Columbia. Sure, the Core Curriculum was a bit tough, but it gave me a good grounding in the Classics: Advanced Woofing, Always Bite the Postman Twice (novel), Bones are for Gnawing (not ig-nawing) and so many more great works to chew on!