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All photos by Albert Fried-Cassorla

Last Updated 8-26-01

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Dear friends, I hope you like this page. It's my attempt to provide recent photos of many of you. Perhaps this will help keep us together. If you have more, send them along!

Love, Albert

Angel - Albert & Carol

 Carole and Albert Angel, sweet people who have raised some beautiful children... and done a great deal more!

Angel - David and Zachary

 A pair of Angels! Zachary Angel (left) and his Dad, David Angel.

Angel - Eric and Su Sie (Ju)

  Eric Angel and Su Sie Ju, who live in D.C.



 Celine with Bobby Angel, known to some as "the sweetest Angel."


Anibale - Bob

 Bob Anibale, married to my cousin Meryl Camhi for all these years.


 Meryl and Bob Animable, at Christina's Retirement Party, 2001

Anibale - Meryl (with Albert)

 Meryl Anibale, with me, at Christina's Retirement Party, 2001.

Camhi - Caryn

 Caryn Camhi, in a photo taken at Christina's retirement party, July, 2001

Camhi - Bella


 Aunt Bella Camhi



Angel - Bobby with Ronnie Levering

 Bobby Angel gives Ronnie Levering a nice hug.