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Link to Stan's Reunion Party, July 22, 2006

Link to Elsie's 85th Birthday Party at Cadbury



 Happy Parents! Stuart and Elaernor Sobel of Hollywood, Florida, Rachel's parents, soon to be David Whelan's in-laws!


 Oh, dem F-P's! Dan, Tom and Jesse Fried-Petersen, just before some scootering on Moseley Avenue, outside ourt hme in Melrose Park.


Elsie Fried, niece Emma Fried-Cassorla, and Stanley Fried enjoying a break from the August heat, 2002.

  Robbie relaxes! Here's the great busker in a quiet moment.

  A-strumming! Old-time banjo music is a specialty of Fred Whelan's, one we enjoy several times a year

  Albert does nothing! Here I am doing nothing, August 2002.


Jesse Fried-Petersen's second birthday party!

Scenes from Jesse's 2nd Birthday Party on August 7, 2002, next 7 pictures

 Mmm! Finger lickin' good!

 Hannah swings! like a pendulum do...

 Applause! I like this!

Being King rules!


Sphash-down! Next-door neighbor Johnny shows how to do it in a wading pool

 Let me get my arms around this thing called Life!


 Pwesent-opening time! Ths held Jesse's interest for 3 seconds.



  Hannah's Bat Mitzvah!

Click HERE for some nice pix of this super event, held on April 27, 2002.




 Jesse Fried-Petersen at Myers School playground, March, 2002. Newly reduced for convenient printing!


Elsie won this hat! She beat out many other players at a Cadbury benefit indoor golf game. She probably did not reveal her knickname of Roslyn Heights Rosie, the famous suburban golf hustler. January, 2002.



Thanksgiving at Thurmont, Maryland - November, 2001

Frieds, Whelans, Fried-Petersens - Page 1. Pix here of Elsie and Stanley Fried; Dan, Jesse and Tom Petersen; Maggie Whelan and Patrick; John Grubor and Abby Goertel, and others!