Friends of the Fried-Cassorla's Page 1

All photos by Albert Fried-Cassorla - Last Updated   8-11-09

If you're a friend and you're not here yet, just give me time! This page is alphabetical by last name.

Marie Clayton and Bill Perkins. Two great ones! We've enjoyed their company so much over the years... most recently walking along the Cooper River in southern New Jersey.


 Same bunch, with pooches! That's the incredibly bright Tedric on the left with Bill. Marie holds Hoolie.






 The Goldberg-Weinstein family! Left to right are: Rosa Goldberg, student and world-traveler extraordinaire; Dick Goldberg, my best bud, screenwriter, cabaret artist, running partner and much more; Ted Goldberg, budding start of NYC radio; and Debbie Weinstein, dedicated attorney and teacher.


 Rosa and Ted Goldberg, smiling just after their Dad knocked a crowd of 150 dead with his cabaret act.




Ginny Gong is one of Martha's greatest friends from high school, and somebody whose friendship we have treasured over the years. She is a Chinese-American activist living in the Washington, D.C. area. Ginny has her own cable TV show, Ginny's World, in which she interviews Asian-American professionals from all walks of life, from amrtial arts experts to successful artists and businesspeople. She's a warm and engaging woman, are we're happy to inhabit even a small corner of Ginny's world!

Hills - Chris, Ellen, Maren and Adam

Ellen and Chris Hill, whom we've known and loved since the late 1970's. Their daughter Maren went to school with our kids.We've been friends ever since.



 Ellen Hill and her mother, who lives in Minneapolis.



 Maren Hill, gathering apples on an expedition with our family in 1985, at age 3.


 Maren Hill, perhaps at age 3. (A photo of a photo!)


 Adam and Maren Hill, in 2001 at Maren's graduation party.


Kirk - Jean and Gail Winter

Jean Kirk and Gail Winter, who visited us in the summer of '02. Love those smiles! Come again!


Naldi - Alessandro and Benedetta


Ales and Benedetta Naldi are our warm-hearted friends from Florence. We have enjoyed many wonderful times together, including in Florence, new York City, Philadelphia and Longwood Gardens. I know Ales form my direct marketing work for his excellent website, There, you can reserve to see the Uffizi Gallery or the David at the Academia, and not have to wait on those enormous 3-hour lines. Also, the site offers beautiful Florentine crafts.Benedetta is an experienced gemologist and an avid gardener.


Naomi Nemtzow (center) with daughter Louisa and gudsband Peter Casanave, August 2002. We had a wonderful time during their stay in Philly!



Naomi Nemtzow (left) and her husband Peter Casanave. Naomi is childhood friend from my (Albert's) 4th grade days, with whom I've fortunately become reacquainted in recent years. She is a talented, painter, an educator in the field of writing, a warm soul, keen intellect and all-around great person. We've known Peter for less time, but he's a great guy. They live in Park Slope, Brooklyn. See a selection of Naomi's paintings at this site by visting


Charlene Kahlor Kramer and Roger Kramer, friends of ours since the 1970's. We've known Charlene since our Harpur College days. August, 2000.


 Charlene Kahlor Kramer and Roger Kramer, AGAIN! Still delightful friends of ours since the 1970's. This scene is during the Magic Hour of sunlight, during a joint 30th wedding anniversary celebration weekend, in Wilmington, DE. March, 2003.


Bernadette Schaffhausen, nestled among some of the many beautiful flowers she cultivates on her farm home in Montgomery County. Bernadette is a business consultant and educational trainer to industry. Plus, she has many interests in travel, art and more.



 Dan Ruffo and Martha Thompson, at the shore in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Dan is a pal since our college days!


Dan Ruffo and Martha Thompson, again at the shore in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware -- this time in November, 2002!