Albert's Friends and Family Page


Last updated -- 12-31-18


This page is for friends and family. Enjoy! If you're not here yet, and would like to be, just send me your pictures.

Love, Albert

Cassorla and Camhi and Friends Reunion - August 27, 2009


A Letter from the Fried-Cassorlas, 2008

Graduations, 2004 - Scenes of Graduations of Emma and Ben at Barnard and Columbia.


These pages are now alphabetized by last name, so it's easier to find family members.

Cassorla, Camhi and Angel - Page 1. Find photos here Betty and Angels, Anibales and Camhis.

Cassorla, Camhi and Angels - Page 2. Here are shots of Cassorlas.

Cassorla, Camhi and Angels and related families - Page 3. On these pages are Fumasoli, Mohr, and Leverings.

Cassorla, Baruch, Basoff, Hasson and related Families

Bar Mitzvah of Bryan Harris Mohr, January 14, 2006


Fried, Maier, Whelan, Fried-Petersen and other related famillies. Includes the biographies of Stanley Fried, Elsie Maier, Maier family History, Maier reunion, famnily photos of Elsie and Stanley Fried; Dan, Jesse and Tom Petersen; Maggie Whelan and Patrick; John Grubor and Abby Goertel, and others! YOU MUST HAVE A PASSWORD TO ENTER. e-mail to receive same.


Our Friends - Just a few pix here so far, but good ones! Find Charlene Kahlor Kramer and Roger Kramer, Dan Ruffo, Martha Thompson, Naomi Nemtzow, Peter Casanave, Alesandro and Benedetta Naldi and Ginny Gong, Bernadette Schaffhausen.

And this Pantheon hasn't even been opened long!


The Felix Family - Here are our wonderful friends from Argentina! They are totally warm and genuine people whom it is a privilege to know.


Bailey's Glamour Page - The Queen of Woodlawn and Moseley has consented to allow you to view her in all her splendor.



Bailey's E-Z Pass Page - How to visit our home on Woodlawn Avenue without snarls and terrorizing barks. Now Bailey makes it easy for you!


Dan and Martha Ruffo's Wedding

August 20, 2005


Fried-Cassorla Annual Softball game and Sing-Along!


Info HERE on this stellar event of the Spring!


We'll Tell You How by Albert Fried-Cassorla. I premiered this song on the March on Washington to Stop the War in Iraq, September 24, 2005. Peple sang along, and think it was a hit! (at least for 40 captive bus-riders.). See the lyrics sheet here first, because you may want to sing along on the chorus!

For a pdf, click HERE.

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To see a video that is poorly recorded (soon to be replaced, I hope) click HERE

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