Mepham and Calhoun High Schools 40th Combined Reunion

at Jones Beach Hotel - Selected scenes, July 20th and 21st, 2007

by Albert Fried-Cassorla - last updated 8-29-07



This was grand get-together, in which we all got re-acquained, stengthened old bonds or even made new friends. Adding a special touch were the mini-photos copied from our yearbooks - us 40 years ago! Thanks go to Gail Hochberg and David Krinsky, our reunion organizers!

 Mephamites only, preparing for an official group photo. To see an enlarged view, click HERE.


 Same as top photo, upper left grouping

  Same as top photo, upper right grouping


   Same as top photo, lower left grouping



   Same as top photo, lower right grouping


 Bob Chipkin and his wife


At the Treehouse Lounge, the Friday night before the Reunion: David Berger, and Gail Hochberg. David had to head off for an important gig in Italy the next day, but at least some of us got to see him that evening, Of course Gail served as one of the two main organizers of our get-together, along with David Krinsky,




 Linda Reiman came in from out west to join us!



Pals 3! Bruce Scher, Mark Zakarin, Albert Fried-Cassorla. We were not actually as tiny or fuzzy as this on that evening.

 Naomi Nemtzow speaks with David Wess (turned) and Bob Chipkin


 Gail Hochberg and Ira Esformas, catching up


 Click HERE for a larger view of this shot.



 Robert and Nina Schwartz


 Mark and Bruce strike a pose.


 Michael Kalish joined us. He still flies regularly!


 Maggie Hochfelder having a joyous moment!


Photos by li'l ole me. Hope you liked 'em! The people I most would have liked to see who were not there were: Meryl Camhi (my cousin), Leland Beigel, Nancy Hanscom (anyone besides David Berger know anything abhout her?), Karen and Nina Tax, Ginny Hoffman, Alan Barocas, Gregory Henrich, Penny Frankel, Shelley Freilich. also, anyone know or hear about Misters Snyder, Bimbie and Ford (Grand Ave,) or how Valdora Spaulding lived out her life?

See you at the 50th? We can only hope!