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July 25, 2002


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Fried-Cassorla Communications revamps ASTM International web site, traffic increases

Fried-Cassorla Communications has completed a major revamping of the web site of ASTM International. The organization is a not-for-profit group that reaches thousands of professionals around the world.

Opening screen of the new ASTM web site

The purpose of their web site -- -- is to provide a global forum for the development and sale of voluntary consensus standards for materials, products, systems, and services.

For this extensive redesign project, ASTM needed a web site which conveyed a higher level of professionalism, was easier to understand and navigate, more attractive to visit, and which sold more merchandise to members and visitors. Greater consistency was also sought in the appearance of pages within the site.

Different preferences among various ASTM International committees had to be balanced with the need for the site as a whole to have a consistent look and feel. Senior management sought a relatively simple and yet professional approach in terms of graphics and navigation.

The new site is more visually appealing and has easier navigation. Ordering products via a secure server remains a major feature of the site. Special sub-markets have been targeted. Each sub-group -- such as consultants, trainers, and buyers of design standards -- that visit the site now finds its own section was now more attractive and easy to use.

A more powerful, dynamic navigation system was built for the entire site. We spent months meeting special needs and approval processes, so that senior and middle management found the final approach chosen to be appealing and workable. A large central section of the home page and other important pages was left open for a logo and appealing graphics.

A variable banner area was included near the top of the home page, to sell visitors on joining, and for other purposes. We chose a tiled button navigation system that kept pages elegant and informative. Mouse-over type yielded valuable additional; information to those who placed a cursor over buttons, helping tell them of enticing information available. In addition, we used java-script, branching mouse-overs, so that visitors could go directly to sub-section of interior pages directly from the buttons. The site's search engine also spares visitors unnecessary search time by giving them specific search categories.

The revamped site was launched in November, 2001. In comparing the number of hits per month of January 2001 with December 2001, the total number of hits increased from 5,215,238 to 5,804,513. This represents an increase of approximately 10%. While we cannot be certain as to what factors played a role in this increase, we believe that some of the 10% increase was due to the easier-to-navigate, more attractive and consistent organization of the site.

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