Albert Fried-Cassorla's Autobiography

1986-87: Working at Roska Direct Marketing

Written October 26, 2000

Roskaites at play... Jeff Sklarow in white hat, Bruce Lohr, Tina Glackens (standing), and Nancy Erb daubing Bruce's ear with rubber cement. Poor Bruce still can't hear that well. Right, Bruce? ("Whatcha say?")

I had tremendous fun working at Roska Direct. One major reason was the presence of Carole Robinson (below), who was a joy to work for. She was my creative Director, and I served as copywriter. Carole is still a delight, and I'm happy that she's still a friend of mine.


Carole's booming laughter and sassy stuff boomed throughout the building. Not that it was all fun and games. This was a serious agency, and we had lots of work to do for clients such as Thomas Register, Charming Shoppes, The Equitable, Prudential and others.

Here I am during that period, though at an affair. That's brother Kenny in the background with cousin Roberta Camhi.

Bruce Lohr, an artist pal, had and still has an incredibly sunny disposition. I think it should be bottled and sold, Bruce. Whattaya say?

Every good graphic artiste needs a dusting now and then!

Jeff Sklarow laughed as much as anyone else. He is now happily married and works as an aircraft mechanic, according to carole Robinson.

I liked Jon, and he liked me... though he would occasionally call my copy &%$#!. But hey, at least I write copy! When I decided to go independent, Jon understood. We were in the basement geting a cup of coffee. He said, "I understand. You're like me. You can't work for anybody but yourself." True.

The mad gang at its antics

Incredible gales of laughter seemed to come regularly out of the Art Department in that rambling building on Welsh Road in north Wales. We copywriters had fun, but there must've been something punchy in those rubber cement fumes they breathed in the next room!

Probably nobody in that building laughed as regularly as Nancy and Tina. They seemed to giggle through much of the day.

Nancy recently told me that Tina Glackens' husband Joe once said to them: "Ya know, you're not supposed to have this much fun at work. I hope you realize that. Because very few people do." Ya don't know whatcha got. Or, you know, but can only llive through it. If you reminisce, it's wisest to use that fond passion to inform the present. But enough philosophizing -- who gave me a license to rant, anyway?

Tina doin' a goof for the camera

Tina Glackens recently passed away, in October, 2000. I did not know her well. Of course, Nancy did. And her passing was a horrible thing for her family and Nancy. I wish them a recovery from this catastrophe. I am sure they have many fond memories. One brief story I recall was looking at the labels on the mail slots in the front office and coming into the Art Department, scratching my head and asking: "Hey, any of you guys know who Christian Glackens is?"

That was followed by a big burst of laughter. (All right already -- I never knew her as anything but Tina!)

A few selected other friends of that era:

Jim Murphy - now Creative Director at Devon Direct Marketing

Marilyn Devine - now working as a copywriter for MBNA in Delaware

Vicki Leonard - working with her husband in a successful catalog business

Annette Irwin - at ICT Group, a telemarketing firm, wherre she serves as vice president

Steve Emory - has his own marketing consulting business.

Anne Schmidt - anyone have info on her?

There's lots more to tell... but that will have to wait for another day for this guy.

Hope you liked the shots, all!

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