Cape May, New Jersey

A few photographs by Albert Fried-Cassorla

Created Sept., 2001. Updated Sept, 2002.

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This town is filled with lovely Victorian architecture, including quaint bread and breakfasts, and many historic homes and fine restaurants.

It's a great place to relax for a weekend or a week. You can take a Victorian house tour. I'm partial to the period -- hence all of the house shots on this page.

The beach itself is narrow but serviceable. It's a great town for a stroll or a vacation. The Cape May flyway is a resting place for migrating birds -- perhaps the best place to see varied birds in the nation.

So enjoy my pix -- they were taken on an overcast day, but I hope the beauty of the homes comes through.









 This is the Emlen Physick house, home of a wealthy young doctor. The tour of this manse is the most elaborate guided home visit available.




 Admittedly an unusual view! This photo was taken from an architectural tuor bus. I wanted you to see the pretty coluymns and brackets. I apologize for the blue cap etc.


 Let's not forget the people who lived in these magnificent homes! Here's a shot of a Victorian father and child, circa 1890's. The photo I shot hangs on the wall in a coffee shop.