Last updated: 6-14-18

A record of our trip to Scandinavia, June 20 - July 1, 2018,

Specifically to Copenhagen on June 27 - August 1, 2018

June 30, 2018

Our last day in Copenhagan was today.  And it was a fine one.

A Great Bike Ride!

We took in many of the city's sights today, on a three-hour bike tour.  We booked this through Viator, which we've used before.  The tour included Nyhavn, which is the harbor area where we are staying. Also, we saw the Little Mermaid statue. Us and a few thousand other people!  It is cure and deserves its worldwide popularity. See 

Also, we saw Rosenborg Have (park) from a distance.  It actually looks pretty boring, since I do not care for formal, parterre gardens.  We did not see the conservatory there, which might have been a highlight.

The Borsen building

This one is really cool, with its four dragons upside down, symbolizing the unity of three nations.  This is so even though there are four dragons.  I have been unable to find out the discrepancy,  Anyhow the nations are Norway, Sweden and Denmark.


For three


Dinner and a Visit to Christianshavn and Kristiana

Copenhagen happening scene! It’s a street food festival, but what makes it fun is the Canalside, the beautiful foot bridge, the happy people, and the grooving music. We discovered a great song called The Walk by Meyer Hawthorne. His music video is a stupid violent mess, but this song really works.

We had delicious ribs. But the surprise was cauliflower soaked with turmeric and curry powder. Quite delicious. I plan to try this dish at home!


Kristiana is a hippy haven known for its artistry and for its (hmm) strange activities, including ignored sales of marijuana.  We ignored that, admired some colorful wall decorations and left, slightly spooked.