Fall! Photography by Albert Fried-Cassorla

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Link to my poem, The Dangling Leaf

Sugar Maple leaves... perhaps the prettiest of Fall. Exploding orange, incendiary reds visible at great distances and just as rewarding close-up.


 Harlequin Glorybowers (not their real name) at the Steigerwald's, on Mill, November. Latin name is Claradendron Tricotymum. If that sounds familiar, it's because this plant ios a relative of the popular Claradendron houseplant.


 Threadleaf Japanese Maples just showing pink in early Fall.


Threadleaf Japanese Maples -- but do you see Snuffalupagus, the Sesame Street elephant? I see him with his head on the left, crouching. Or a crouching American bison.Or have I lost it?


 Threadleaf Japanese Maples Close Up -- just as pretty at this proximity.


 Norway Maple in full effulgence of sunlit yellow. This Fall of 2001 was very slow... allowing colors and leaves to linger.

 Japanese Maples 1 - blazing away.


 Japanese Maples 2 - close-up, soft focused, yes, but pretty nonetheless, don't you think?

 Japanese Maples 3 - shot from below and into the sun. More for pattern than detail.

 Japanese Maples 4 - more beauty from below, into the sun.

 Redbud at Joye and Frank Schwartz's yard. Valentines in green, always ready!


 English Ivy by a garage door. Beauty sneaks up on you. Need to be open to it.

 Moseley Avenue, our side street. A great place to observe the seasons.

That's all for now!