The Kimmel Center

for the Performing Arts

Philadelphia, PA

A few photographs by Albert Fried-Cassorla

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This is a just-built, striking new home for the Philadelphia Orchestra and other arts organizations! A $260 million structure, this building gives our orchestra a fabulous new home. The architecture is an experience in itself, and the music makes it world-class. Visit to learn what's playing and to see a multi-media slide show about the building of the Center.

For now, enjoy the great views!

The dramatic lobby of the Kimmel Center, showing the Perelman Theater in the foreground (black), and Verizon Hall (auburn wood).


This exterior view from South Broad Street shows the huge roof. Below it is a rooftop garden.


This view shows the adjacent building's rooftop frieze, just north of the Center, across the street, but still on South Broad.

 Even walkways to enter Verizon Hall have their special drama.


 Peer over any ledge or catwalk.

 The interior of Verizon Hall resembles a cello.


 The curved back of the hall still has excellent acoustics.


This timed-exposure view of the stage shows the orchestra, seats behind it (where a chorus sometimes stands), and the huge pipe organ.


The End of Photos... but not of great music!