Mexico Trip!


We took a wonderful trip to Mexico with Martha's choir, Singing City. Our dates were June 28, thrugh July 8, 2019.









Mexico 1 - yesterday, June 30, 2019, we enjoyed our first full tourism day in Guanajuato Mexico. Martha‘s choir, singing city ,performedthere to a great reception. They performed at the Tieatro Juárez in the center of town. The town itself is lovely and historic.



Mexico 2 - these photos continue the story of our first day, which is bonkers over Cervantes.In Guanajuato, in Guanajuato, which is totally bonkers over Cervantes. The theater is neo classical on the outside and Moorish on the interior.

Sancho Panza posted, separately, that he will be a good sport about my aping him in that photo.



Mexico 3 - Queretaro Town Center - Today, July 1, 2019, we visited the very pretty town of Queretero. Our morning included sightseeing and exterior views of several amazing-looking churches.Our tour guide, Luis, gave us deep historical background on what we were seeing.

Mexico 4 - Queretaro Calendar Museum - One highlight was the Calendar Museum, which has displays calendars of various civilizations, including the Aztecs and the Myas. We saw a replica of the Maya calendar will in wood. Although it is only a replica, it is easier to make out the faces and icons contained within it then the original, which resides at the anthropology Museum. We hope to see the anthropology Museum later in our trip when we visit Mexico City.

The Calendar Museum has the loveliest courtyard that maybe have seen in any museum anywhere. So amazingly delightful! Birds and butterflies abound, and the double espresso I had helped keep me going!

Mexico 5 - Queretaro Casa de la Marquesa - Lunch was at the amazing and surprising Casa de la Marquesa. The interior courtyard is Moorish in design and is among the prettiest such buildings I have seen anywhere. Comparisons that come to mind are The Isabela Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston and the Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. One in our group had an incredible dish - I call it a Mole Volcano!


Atrium of the Marquesa


Mole atop a kind of tortilla at the Marquesa

This afternoon, the choir will visit a cancer treatment center. Being exhausted, we will probably relax at the hotel.

Mexico 6 - Serenade at Queretaro's Casa de la Marquesa. This pianist knew so many numbers, and we were also treated to vocals by a singer we did not know.

Mexico 7 - Panorama of the courtyard at Queretaro's Casa de la Marquesa


Mexico 8 - Diego Rivera, Mexico City Cathedral, more - Today, July 5, 2019, we visited some spectacular sites in Mexico City. Most particularly we enjoyed the Diego Rivera murals.

In the photos that I hope will accompany this short description, you’ll see the Palacio Nacional and murals there by Rivera. He was very socially conscious and left-wing, defending the rights of workers and of indigenous people.

The scenes shown depict natives at work harvesting cocoa, preparing fish, making tortillas and more. One huge mural the pics the entire history of Mexico, or at least from pre-Columbian times through the Mexican Revolution. In one scene, you will see a lady who looks like Frida Kahlo, and in fact she is! She is being offered at a dead man’s arm as a tribute. This is very strange, but our guide said that that is a form of an honor.

I was not feeling very well today, probably as a result of something I ate. I kept having to sit down and nodded off on various occasions. But after a day of tourism, I took a one hour nap and emerged full of strength and appetite -- you’ll be glad to know!

So the Rivera murals were the highlight of our day. We also saw models of the old city on which Mexico City arose, and more.

The main cathedral of Mexico City is spectacular in its size and height. One particular section features a gold-plated wall that is extremely rococo and glorious (or riotous?). We visited while a service was going on, which was allowed. The height of these massive stone buildings is iincredible.

Unfortunately, on account of being heavily scheduled with our tour group, and because of my being extremely tired at one point, we will peobably not be able to visit the Frida Kahlo museum or the Museum of Anthropology. These are disappointments, but who we to complaint? We are having a ball! 

Mexico 9 - Aztec dancers in Mexico City

Mexico 10 - Disco Inferno, Mexican style. At the rooftop pool club at our hotel, the Galeria Plaza.

Mexico 11 - The Anthropology Museum


Stone of the Sun - a world famous icon