American Museum of the Moving Image

A photo essay by Albert Fried-Cassorla

35 Avenue at 36 Street
Astoria, NY 11106 (718) 784-4520 — Administrative Offices
(718) 784-0077 — Program Information and Travel

This wonderful museum offers a tribute to cinematography, with an accent on American achievements. It's located in Astoria, Queens, part of New York City. The museum was at one time part of the same Kaufman-Astoria Studio complex, where many famous movies and TV shows were made. These include Sesame Street, Cosby (TV shows), and (I believe), such films as A Night at the Opera and a Day at the races, classic Marx Brothers films. The main site is at (copy and paste). This page last updated 8-18-01.

 Museum Marquee. The eye is the logo of the building, a symbol that is used throughout.


 Kaufman-Astoria Studio occupies a full city block and has been the scene of many movies.


Feral Font. This is a kinetic sculpture that is unbelievable. It uses strobe lights and shows a blob emerging from a faucet that passes through a hand, which becomes a paper plain that hits and smashes a purple plate.


A Linda Blair model from "The Exorcist" movie. In the movie, her head spins because she is possessed.


 Blair closer!


  Blair closest!


 Mask of Dustin Hoffman as Little Big Man. This mask was used to help age Hoffman, who played a 106 year old man in the movie.

 Staircase in the building, showing an old-fashioned movie camera and glass walls.

Latino Wedding. The little girls were flower catchers, with older bridesmaids near them. This scene took place near the Museum.

These photos give just a hint at the delights in the building, which occupies three floors. Movies play year-round. I especially enjoyed a flip-book making machine, which delivers a flip book animation toy of your own photographed antics. You pick it up as you leave for just $2. But be sure to make the movie while you're on the 3rd floor!