New York City!

A photo essay by Albert Fried-Cassorla


All images are copyrighted by (c) Fried-Cassorla Communications, Inc. Last updated 7-3-08

 Central Park boaters. June, 2002. This scene was taken near the Loeb Boathouse.

Belvedere Castle. Designed by Olmsted and Vaux as a "Victoian Folly,"
this castle is located at mid-park near 79th Street. It features a still-functional weather station. The view at the top is tremendous! On the hot day we visited, it took a bit of effort to get up there, but well worth it, as the next pic shows.


Belvedere Castle tower view. It may have been a steamy day in NYC, but that ddn;t prevent the people you see below on the Great Lawn from relaxing. Farther to the left (not visible) is Delacorte Theater, an open air stage whch offers free Shakespeare in the Park and other presentations. For more about Cental Park, visit


 Carnegie Hall, June 2002. A timed exposure using available light.


Chelsea scene. On West 23rd St., as I recall. We were visiting artist and friend Noami Nemtzow, who was having a show of her paintings at the Bowery Gallery. Visit or the site I created for her at, if you like!


George Washington Bridge. Many snaps from a moving car led to this one worth saving.

 Brooklyn Historical Society - facade of this beautiful building in the Ft. Greene.section


Washington Square Park - The parent, shown at left, apparently thought that playing with a boa constrictor was a safe and educational thing to do! I couldn't believe I was seeing this. The man at right, I suppose was a trainer or pet-owner out doing a typical Village thing.

 Times Square billboard #1. Hey, if sarcasm helps smokers quit, let's go for it!


 Times Square billboard #2. I love immersion in all of this color, in person and in photos.


 Times Square Good Morning American sign, 2008.