Niagara Falls

Photos from a visit to the great natural wonder in

October, 2004!

by Albert Fried-Cassorla

The Falls are hard to over-praise. They are simply astounding and gorgeous -- far more than I ever would have believed before my visit. I hope you enjoy these admittedy large collection of photos. I simply could not limit them to 5 or 6 -- the sights are just too splendid!

Dear friends,

What a great time we had at Niagara Falls! I recommend it. But do go when the weather prediction is for uninterrupted sunshine.

It took us about 8 hours to drive there from Philly. I think it's about 6 1/2 hours from NYC.

We were treated royally by our good friends in the area, both delightful people. You might not have friends in the area as we did, but you can stil have an a amazing journey!

The priorities of what to see are, in my humble opinion:

1. The Maid of the Mist ride - not scary, truly inspiring

2. The Canadian side - fabulous views close to the raiings and also form above in hoptel restaurants and towers. Best place to view rainbows.

3. Behind the Falls Tour - did not do this but hear it is great

4. The Falls at Night - Lit up with colored lights. Likewise, did not do this but I hear it is great



 At the entrance station on the American side.

On the day we chose to go to Niagara Falls (a 1 hour drive from our friends' place) the sky was cloudy.

I was annoyed. This was highly uncooperative weather behavior and quite rude! This would be much better in sunlight. As if my request were heard, the clouds parted and we had beautiful sunshine the rest of the day!

First, we went to the American Falls. We booked a ride on a Maid of the Mist boat (there are many). Ths is a must-do item if you go.



These "Maids" ply the Niagara River and give tours daily until sometime in October. We walked around a bit, checked out the raging nearby river, and then received our blue saran wrap slickers. These were a far cry from the sturdier yellow slickers my parents received when they honeymooned there in 1949 or so. I have home movies of them cavorting so happily at one of those behind-the-falls tours (which we did not do, though I hear it is excellent).

"A Trip to Niagara Falls" almost sounds like a cliche. But when you actually do it, you are within the reach of a true force of nature. The power and beauty cannot be exaggerated, because it is all so visceral and overwhelming.


Heading up a ramp on the American side to get a closer look.

 The boat slowly approaches the American Falls on the left. Those seem plenty big. You will see them in the second shot below.

Part of the understructure has crumbled and you can see the large resulting rocks in the foreground.


American Falls ascent on the ramp, higher up now.

Before boarding the Maid of the Mist, on the American Side. Slickers did the job, though they felt like saran wrap! Legs got drenched, of course.



 American Falls 3 - Note the little green rocky island in the front lower center. Then see it enlarged below.

 American Falls 5 - boids! These guys know how to relax when all the world is in turmil around them, don't they?

 American Falls 2

  American Falls 4

 American Falls - passing away from them now, as seen form the Maid. Heading now towards the Canadian Falls.



  American Falls 6

 Canadian Falls - crowd


Then we moved on to the Canadian or Horseshoe Falls. These are so humongous and roaring, it's barely describable. The boat keeps getting closer and you hope the pilot has control of his craft. Finally, you are bobbing up and down, getting misted and sprayed more than a broccoi spear at Acme. You look up and see that Wall of Green, sometimes foggily, but more often very clearly.

You cannot believe you are this close to it and still alive! Here is a good link:

 Canadian Horseshoe Falls 1 - from the Maid

Canadian Horseshoe Falls 2 - at the epicenter! This shot, taken from the Maid, at the closest point to being inundated, 180 degrees of pure cataract. You cannot believe you are THERE!


Canadian Horseshoe Falls 3 - looking straight up and towards the right, from the prow of the ship. Can't get any closer safely, not from below.


 Maid of Mist distant


 Niagara Rainbow from Canadian side 1


 Niagara Rainbow from Canadian side 2

Niagara Rainbow from Canadian side 3. Note that on the lower left you are literally about 15 feet from the edge of the cliff o the top of the falls.


Niagara Rainbow from Canadian side 4. Any closer would be suicidal! This is maybe 20' away. Check out that amazing rainbow, and the green glassy color of the water.


 Niagara Rainbow from Canadian side 5

 Niagara Rainbow from Canadian side 6



Bye! The Maid of the Mist sails on... but it's ready for your visit and ride!

Hope you enjoyed the visual tour! Let me know your thoughts at