Spring! Photography by Albert Fried-Cassorla

I hope you like my work!

All images (c) Copyright Fried-Cassorla Communications, Inc. - Page updated 6-4-03

Photos are alphabetical by flower name, except for Spring scenes with multiple blooms.

 Spring beauty! A scene at the Rooney family's garden, Asbury Avenue, Melrose Park.

 Azaleas, one of the most cheerful sights of Spring! Woodlawn Avenue, Melrose Park.

 Cherry blossoms and sky. I like the mix of azure and pink.

 Comfrey. (Siberian Comfrey). Identification courtesy of Patrice Steigerwald.


 Clematis - "Nelly Moser" Clematis growing on a lamppost. Stratford Avenue. Grown by Caryl Levin.


 Nelly Moser Clematis, a closer view. Star-spangled beauties!


Columbine - one of my favorite shots and flowers - this one grown by Joye Schwartz. Look at those trailing red spires!


 Crocuses. Second to appear in Spring's hit parade - the first bloom being snow drops (not shown on this page).


Iris, a close-up. As seen in the Rooney's garden, Asbury Avenue, Melrose Park. Oft-ignored, these humble flowers repay attention with their inner beauty. They require a moment to look closely and savor.


Magnolias, as seen on Woodlawn Avenue, Melrose Park. Spring 2003 was great for magnolias, unlike some years, in whicvh we've seen frost-burned petals.


 "Rosa Rugosa" Rose grown by Joe Falso, Woodlawn Avenue.


 Tulips - Surely one of the happiest signs of Spring. On Stratford Avenue, Melrose Park.


 Viburnum, hanging in my yard in Melrose Park.