Summer! Photography by Albert Fried-Cassorla

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Photos are alphabetical by flower name.

Clematis, autumn. Grown by the Steigerwalds, Melrose Park, PA. Notice the ridged elongated capsules, star-shaped flowers, and pale green seed pods. A delicate fantasy, don't pou think?

Cleome, close-up. Melrose Park.


Coleus, close-up. Thanks to the power of my Olumpus Camedia Z-3000, we can see the daubings of yellow and so much detail that eluides the unaided eye!

Impatiens, wild. Identification courtesy of Tom Steigerwald.


 Rose grown by Gwen Koths.



 Rose O'Sharon, close-up.

Just 6 photos so far... Yet to come: lillies, zinnias, hydrangea, among others.

Beauty is all around us, no matter the season!