Wildwood, New Jersey!

A few photographs by Albert Fried-Cassorla

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These photos are a brief tribute to a fun city in its off-season. They were taken in September, 2001, when most of the fun-seekers were gone, but the surreal statues and amusement parks lingered. In that month it was peaceful, sun-washed, and delightful. Yes, maybe a bit sad because summer was over.... but still filed with bright sights, with some open pizza parlors and amusement shops, with superb fudge available. I like to slice it and share it sparingly. In summer, Wildwood is unrivalled on the Jersey shore for fast, big rides. The beaches are spacious, too!








Frankie at Kophr's! Here is Frankie Avalon, teen singing idol of the 1950's, on the left.

He is at Kohr's, long-time purveyor of custard ice cream -- also where this shot was taken.






Garish amusement park creatures for you and... That's all for now!