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Info-Boy! stars...



Amanda Greco as Kari, Phil's daughter Kat Schadt as Stephanie, the producer and lady friend Mike O'Rourke as Phil, the infomercial exec and Kari's dad Sergil Adams as Jerry, the assistant producer Alyssa An as Ayaka Sato, an investor

 What's Info-Boy! about?

This is a comedy-drama about a man who invents depression-curing glasses called BluesBusters and who promotes them through infomercials. Do they work? Hmm. Meanwhile, his daughter and girlfriend need attention and investors want profits.

What happens? Laughs and more! Come see for yourself. This play will be directed by the talented Josh L. Hitchens.


"funny and engaging"

Dugald MacArthur of the Lantern Theatre Company wrote:"The play is quite enjoyable…. There are not many plays about infomercials but this one is funny and engaging. The charm of the play is the sheer looniness as the man and his companions struggle to stay on top of a situation that is rapidly growing out of control."



__Dates: ___Fridays and Saturdays

__________August 17 & 19, 24 and 25

__Time: ____8 pm

__Place: _Cheltenham Art Center

__________429 Ashbourne Road

__________Cheltenham, PA 19012



__Tickets:___ $10 each

__Directions: Click HERE

__Reservations: Call 215-635-5189 or e-mail

Advance ticket purchases: Send a check for the number of tickets desired and date requested to: Fried-Cassorla Communications, Inc., 7408 Woodlawn Avenue, Melrose Park, PA 19027. Sorry, no credit cards accepted. Thank you!

 BluesBusters glasses cure depression -- people are amazed!


Sterling Theater Company

A division of Fried-Cassorla Communications, Inc.

(215) 635-5189 e-mail:


July 7, 2007


Cheltenham Art Center to feature premiere of
Fried-Cassorla's play, Info-Boy!,

August 17, 18, 24 & 25

Melrose Park, PA Melrose Park, PA - An infomercial executive invents the ultimate cure for depression -- BluesBusters. These are glasses that banish the blues permanently -- or do they?

Can sunlight and special glasses make you happier? See Info-Boy! and decide for yourself!

The serio-comic work will be given its world premiere this August at the Cheltenham Art Center. Performance dates are August 17, 18, 24 and 25 at 8 pm. Cheltenham Art Center is a prominent regional theater located in lower Montgomery County, just above Philadelphia. The play, Info-Boy! has been workshopped extensive through the Hedgerow Theatre and the Philadelphia Dramatists Center and has received favorable notices in staged readings.

In Info-Boy!, a middle-aged infomercial executive faces many conflicting pressures: the desire to be close to his adult daughter, a drive to make his newest venture succeed, and the passionate attentions of his producer/lover. BluesBusters are only his latest amazing venture. These are ultraviolet powered sunglasses that elevate peoples' moods. Cure or scam? The play lets you decide. Also included in the play are funny mini-infomercials, and an original audience-participation sing-along of the original tune, "Get Your New BluesBusters." While the play is satirical in many respects, it also includes serious character portraits, and presents complex business and relationship conflicts.

Albert Fried-Cassorla is a Philadelphia region playwright, teacher, author and direct marketer, and president of his agency, Fried-Cassorla Communications, Inc. He is a former president of both the also Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association and Melrose Park Neighbors Association. Mr. Fried-Cassorla is a member of the Philadelphia Dramatists Center (PDC), which has helped develop this play. To see a detailed description of this play, see photos from readings, and even read the full text on-line, just click on and click on Plays.

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