Albert Fried-Cassorla


Writer, poet, playwright, ad man, neighborhood activist

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Having been asked for something about myself, here goes... I enjoy writing, almost as much as I enjoy people. As a protean craft, writing has taken me into places I never knew I had an interest in…. yet I've often developed one once there….

We are lucky to be able to transmute reality into words, and to transform those words back into experiences others can feel.

To give you some biography… I thoroughly enjoyed college at SUNY-Binghamton, I was fortunate to study with Milton Kessler, a talented poet and teacher (who recently passed away). In grad school, I attended Columbia University's Graduate School of Fine Arts, and got an MFA in Writing. This entitled me to see others at work, and to receive some encouragement and guidance, and to get a "head of steam" for the often solitary work ahead.

In 1999, I was a finalist on the Montgomery County (PA) Poet Laureate's Contest, earning a $100 check from Sonya Sanchez, one of the judges, and a chance to read my work before an appreciative crowd. This was definitely a thrill!

Most of my energies have gone into business writing, but I have always preserved some spirit for writing plays, poetry, and other artistic activities. My play Info-Boy! will receive a public staged reading at The Hedgerow Theater in Media PA, in May of 2001. This is a breakthrough for me as a playwright. The play is a serio-comedy about an infomercial executive who invents depression-curing sunglasses called Bluesblockers. Do they work? The audience gets to find out -- and to experiment with their own Bluesblockers.

I appreciate the chance to reach a wider audience through I very much and look forward to hearing from fellow readers and poets!