CSA Subscription City Shares -

Reestablishing a Healthy Connection Between City and Farm

Herrcastle Farm forms a new and direct link between consumers and producers, reconnecting non-farmers with the land and the farmers that grow their food. Like a traditional CSA you subscribe for a season of high quality, safe, farm fresh fruit and vegetables, just like you subscribe to a newspaper or magazine.

Weekly, during the months of June through October, you will pick up a bag of vegetables and fruit at the Melrose Park House, next to the Melrose Park train station. Shares will feature an assortment of seasonal vegetables and fruit harvested and picked on the farm. The weekly share will be 6-10 items (depending on what is in season).

Each subscription city share provides enough fresh vegetables and fruit for two adults. If you are concerned that a whole share is more than your household can use, consider splitting a farm share with a neighbor, friend, or co-worker.

Herrcastle Farm is located in Southern Lancaster County. The farm is owned and operated by Ed & Judy Herrmann since 1985.

For more information contact Ed or Judy Herrman at (717) 284-3203, or haeusa19@epix.net.