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Hah An Reum Market


This page last updated 3-16-02. Photos by Albert Fried-Cassorla

Hah An Reum Market is an amazing store in Melrose Park. The location is Old York Road (Rt. 611) at Cheltenham Avenue. It's a remarkable place because the products are unusual, and the food is fresh. So it has become a neighborhod resource. According to manager Austin Lee, patrons are about 70% Korean, 15% other Asian, and 15%  Our association has asked the managers to organize a tour for us each winter. They're usually followed by a free array of treats. These tours came about from a desire to among some of us to get to know Korean life better -- and to have a good time eating and chatting! We thank manager Austin Lee for his hospitality.

 Store manager Austin Lee led our 2002 tour. This time, the crowd was larger and there were more questions.

 Some people slept through the entire tour!

 Veggie scene.

Showing a burdock root to the crowd.

 Spicy foods for sale.

 Belt fish on the left. I made one into a belt. It fit well, but ruined my closet.

 Oh you squid!

 Colorful display, every day!

Goody bags were given to all attendees. These included green tea, nnoodle soup packages (Ramen), candies, unusual fruit drinks and more.

 Kids has a great time, too!
 Gabriel and Alma Elias enjoyed themselves!

Mugari for the masses! These strange sea creatures simply stunned me and some of the crowd. How could something like this exist? The clam shell portion is about 4" long, and the pseudopod is about 10" long. They are sold live, as these were. Japanase people like them, although I am not sure how -- or whether -- they are cooked.


 Ribboned fishies - elegantly wrapped and eager to sing!

Departed rice-cake maker. This amazing machine heated rice slurry in a chamber te size of a tuna-fish can (near top of the photo). It then exploded out and into the bind (shown below). Each cake was maybe 8" across and 1/4" thick. Much tastier than pre-packed rice cakes. The POW! was fun to listen to, and te aroma pleasing. Alas, the machine is gone. Maybe they can restore it.

Sushi-makers demonstrating their work.
 Sushi-platters arrayed as a treat for us at the end of the tour. An incredible repast!


 Sushi preparers went all out for us!

Manager Austin Lee gave generously of his time. He gave our Tour Group special tips on how to cook or serve various veggies, prepared fish, kim chi (hot, spicy cabbage in red sauce)

 Neighbors had a great time seeing and sampling the offerings on that chilly night in February, 2002!

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