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This page last updated 12-12-01

We're a sloganeering bunch! (not really) But we did have a discussion at our November 2001 general meeting about a slogan that best expresses our group's focus and mission. Of course, memorability and "likeability" are also factors.

As of this writing, the nominees are:


Doing Good for the Hood

Some Good for the Hood

Zone of Shalom

Making the Inevitable Possible

Center of Intelligent Life

Multipurpose – Multicultural

Uniting neighbors to build our community.

Everybody grows in Melrose.

(Mike wants Hug trees and not children) HA HA

MPNA - Making Progress by Neighbor Alliance


MPNA - Making Progress by Neighbor Action

Making friends, making progress.

Friends making progress.

Melrose Park uniting, growing and progressing.

Neighbors building a community.

A town with no slogan


Rent this space.