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Traffic Issues

This page last updated 8-13-01

Traffic management is a concern of most communities. In Melrose Park, we have worked hard to identify issues and resolve them.. Board member Helaine Zlotnik has been most active in identifying issues and working with neighbors and local officials to achieve resolution. Contact Hrelain at

Melrose Park resident Jim Butt has offered various resources he has assembled. Jim writes:

For some resources on better street design, I've compiled a list of sites at (copy and paste) This list deals specifically
with walkable communities, but another good search would be at for traffic calming. There are a number of traffic calming
devices and designs being considered by the Economic Development Task Force,
including roundabouts, bumpouts, narrowing of cartways through simple use of
better striping, humps and intersection tables. The list is quite long.

One interesting possibility for a roundabout would be at
that famous intersection at Woodlawn, Asbury and Coventry. It's large enough, would
eliminate the need for any stop signs, would definitely slow traffic, and
would give the community a great planting area. Roundabouts and
mini-roundabouts are not be taken lightly as we here in the US didn't do a
good job of designing them into our land planning (like they did and do in
Europe and elsewhere), but with community participation and support, they
can be a success (witness the Keswick roundabout).




-- Albert Fried-Cassorla