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The following samples of direct mail should give you a flavor of the work of Fried-Cassorla Communications, Inc. We have produced work in many fields, promoting many products and services. These are just a few of many possible examples.


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ASTM's "Lighten your load!" Direct Mail CD-ROM Promotion (294K to download)

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ASTM is the American Society for Standards and Materials. This international organization establishes standards for building materials, products, systems and services. Its Standards are used throughout the world.

ASTM sought to increase sales of the CD-ROM version of its 10,000+ standards. Fried-Cassorla Communications developed the 9" x 12" direct mail kit shown here. This package was mailed to selected professionals around the U.S. We developed the "Lighten your load" motif as the most powerful way of interested prospective customers in this time and space-saving product. Humorous cartoon art and personalized copy were employed, in addition to serious, relevant information about why this puchase makes great sense. To add visual involvement, we used an attention-getting diffraction mylar sticker (similar to a hologram).

This direct mail program has succeeded and more than returned the marketing investment made. (Be sure to click on the word HERE above and see this mailer close-up!)




CIGNA Homeowner's Insurance Direct Mail Kit (136K to download)

CIGNA Companies is one of the world's largest insurance firms. They aimed to expand one market that looked good for future growth -- insuring college students at prestige schools, who would soon become upscale homeowners.

CIGNA asked FCC to create a direct mail package that would win students' attention, create involvement, and lead to their requesting an estimate on homeowner's or apartment dweller's insurance.

Our theme involved students in a playful way in the "perils" of home owning or apartment dwelling. Many other techniques were employed throughout the package to make our offer very attractive.

Creative personalization was used on the envelope, with each student's area of study being featured in the headline. Also, recipients were named "Student of the Month" on the living room wall-hanging shown on the envelope.

This mailer achieved a very high response, delivering many requests for estimates.



CIGNA Yacht Club Insurance Sales Brochure


Click HERE to see a more detailed view of this sensitively rendered cover painting.

When CIGNA 's Property and Casualty Insurance division wanted a new, effective sales brochure, they turned to Fried-Cassorla Communications. We worked closely with senior staff members to sell the coverage's chief benefits.

As part of our creative work, we commissioned a custom illustration (left) done in acrylics by a Denver-based artist. Selections from this art work also helped to illustrate interior pages.


Click HERE to be able to read a selected page from this brochure, and to see the above painting from the CIGNA Maritime Collection.

One of our aims was to show customers that CIGNA had a deep tradition in providing maritime coverage.

Towards that goal, we used paintings and documents from the 200-year old CIGNA Maritime Art Collection.

The resulting brochure we created served as an effective tool for selling this complex insurance package.




GMAC-RFC Home Equity Loan Mailer

Using a combination of powerful creative work, leading-edge print technology, and good old-fashioned direct marketing fundamentals, Fried-Cassorla Communications (FCC) has achieved impressive results for industry leader GMAC-RFC's HELOC (Home Equity Line Of Credit) program.

(GMAC continues below)

The FCC mailer yielded over a 300% improvement in Line of Credit usage than an earlier control mailing. The Fried-Cassorla GMAC-RFC mailer pulled $25.7 million in utilization after 60 days, versus the unsolicited control group's total of only $8.1 million total.

FCC worked with the mortgage finance giant on a digitally personalized full-color self-mailer - a first for GMAC. The objective of this mailing was to convince current Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) owners to expand their coverage as a cost-effective alternative means to paying their tax bills.

(Click HERE for a more detailed account of this program -- in fact, an honest news release!)

  This view shows the back of the self-mailer, which measures 8 1/2" wide x 5" high when folded as shown .


(GMAC continued below)

Click HERE for a more detailed view of the GMAC mailer's interior, featuring a revealing, personalized chart of benefits to the customer.

Also readable will be our powerful response-generating copy.





IKEA Catalog Request Mailer (42K to download)

IKEA needed to reduce the number of catalogs it mailed to unresponsive buyers, especially those in areas far away from IKEA stores. Through their production company, Mail Advertising Company, IKEA turned to Fried-Cassorla Communications.

Together, we produced a personalized mailer that was mailed and successfully re-mailed. Where the word "Sample" appears on the self-mailer shown, the customer's family name would appear. Example: "The Smith's guide to a better home is here."

This piece encouraged the recipient to request a catalog -- and also enter a drawing for free merchandise. It produced a response rate of over 20%, which more than met IKEA's marketing objectives. A competing test mailer only delivered 4% response.



Merck Sharp & Dohme Clinoril Campaign (72K to download)

In 1989, Merck Sharp & Dohme turned to Fried-Cassorla Communications to help reduce the anticipated reduction in attrition of sales among leading drugs that would soon come off patent. Attractive offer letters were mailed to clients. Mailers such as the 9" x 12" one for Clinoril used creative personalization, based on prior purchases, in order to generate new appealing terms.

Specific contracts were generated for each customer -- using intense personalization. These efforts produced millions of dollars in sales for MSD, and helped reduce the change-over to generic drugs by wholesalers, hospitals, physicians, and independent pharmacies.



Scott Paper Company "Winning Hand Kit" (109K to download)

Scott's challenge was to reach property managers of class-A commercial office space and to persuade them to switch to the Scott's brand of Scottfold premium bathroom towels. Fried-Cassorla Communications, Inc. developed an imaginative "winning hand" campaign, featuring a playing card action device and intense use of personalization.

This direct mail program is now running nationally, followed up by outbound telemarketing calls. This program has this far delivered a 28% response in requests for appointments, and the program is being expanded. We managed all phases of the project, including: from initial consulting/brainstorming, market research, creative concepts and layouts, copywriting, design, printing, mailing, portions of outbound telemarketing and database-building.



U.S. Pharmacopeia "Physicians' Secret" Direct Mail Kit (103K to download)

U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) is world-renowned as standard setters for drug purity. Less well-known was their well researched and easy-to-use drug reference book set, the USP DI.

USP turned to FCC for help in promoting a book to physicians. Using targeted direct mail, which was individualized by physician specialty, this campaign produced a response that was far better than any ever achieved by USP before.

The package featured a "special report" in which each drug category cited on a folder was personalized by the recipient's physician category. Interior materials also were adapted for physician specialties.

This campaign produced a response many times higher than prior mailing campaigns by USP for this product. The USP Physicians Secret Kit won the 1994 Thomas Black Memorial Best of Show Award for Fried-Cassorla Communications, Inc. The award is given by the Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association (PDMA). In addition, it won the PDMA's Benjamin Franklin Award in the Business to Business category.

FCC Marketing Campaigns by Product or Service

The following is a selection of examples of products and services promoted by Fried-Cassorla Communications, Inc., or by Albert Fried-Cassorla in his work with other companies:

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